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Thursday, February 11, 2016

College Life - Golden Life

The year 1996 was a year of patience. After our 12th results and the CET results, we had to wait for around 3 months to get into the preferred Engineering Colleges. Many of us chose various fields and some of us chose Civil Engineering in MS Ramaiah Institute Of Technology. 

The First day of our college in Engineering was on Dec 31st 1996. The first day was a mixed day. It was a new day, new life, new hopes, new dreams, et al., everyone had their own inhibitions. Some introduced themselves and thus began a great friendship. Some were very shy, some were reserved and some were extroverts and some introverts. There were front benchers and there were back benchers. However we were, all of us were equal. The bonding grew stronger as we used to share our feelings and thoughts with each other. Some would listen and lend their shoulder and many would pull leg so that there would be a healthy relationship. 

By 3rd Semester, we all had our own group of friends with whom we used to bunk the classes and go for a movie, or go out to smoke and spend time with them. We would go home with our friends and they had become like siblings. Some of us who were naughty and mischievous had become more study oriented though we failed in our exams and had some 4-5 subjects as backlog.  Then was the time we all became more study oriented and we were making a strong career through our education. We all knew what to do in our lives, with our lives. 

Even though some of us failed in a couple of subjects during our entire BE, we would not bother as we had supplementary exams to deal with. Some of us had exams every day, every exam we attended to ensure that we would pass somehow. :-) 

By 5th Semester, we all had a clear path in our career. We knew exactly what we were doing. We all had known each other so well that we would help each other in building the career of each other. Then was the study tour where we enjoyed the most. We got to know others, who were not in our group, too. We tried to gel with those who were friends with us for the first time ever. We shared our room, we shared our wash rooms and we shared our cigarettes too. :-) 

There were many love stories that were making noise and there were silent love stories as well. Some of us were silent admirers and some of us were not so silent in these matters. 

In the year 2000, we were in the 8th Semester and our main goal was to pass the exams and start to make a career for ourselves. There were many who would laze around till the exams and still pass with distinction. There were some who would study during the exams and pass with an average percentage. There were a few of us who would study but fail to pass the exams and wait for their turn to pass in the exams and get a degree certificate so that they could get into work with the help of the certificate. 

Somebody has rightly said that “College life is Golden Life” and that is true in each and every student’s case. 

Well after 2000, some of us had lost the contact of our friends. Some might have been in touch with their best buddies. 

It has been 20 long years and now the group has become one. Again there might be some inhibitions. Please settle down here and let us be calm and composed, balanced when we talk with each other.