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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Writer’s Block

It’s been five years now since I stopped writing any articles, poems, captured anything interesting moment in my DSLR. I was wondering what happened to me in those five years. 

Sometimes, we have to give time to ourselves to introspect and let them grow inside us. 

Well, this was what I did in the past five years. 

1. I have been reading a lot of books during this period, including Mankutimmana Kagga, by DVG, mainly. It is considered as the Bhagavadgeete for us. The kagga has been a life-changer for me personally. It is truly a wonderful masterpiece in terms of personality development. 

2. I completed a 200 Hour of Yoga Teacher Training from a reputed Yoga Academy in Bangalore. 

3. I had a good spiritual tour to Uttarakhand in 2019. I had a good trekking experience in those high altitude conditions where breathing was difficult as well. 

Yes, I am excited to be back to writing days. 
I hope to write my experiences slowly, but steadily. 

Watch this space for more writings.