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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

#PrayForLokaKalyana Initiative.

A few like-minded people came together as a part of the #PrayForLokaKalyana initiative at the beginning of the month of May. Initially, it was an impromptu session for which we got great feedback and it continued for 11 days. 

For 11 days, we witnessed some wonderful voices who were part of the #VishnuSahasranama Chanting. 

We also planned for the 7pm session which was divine in its own sense. Here too, we witnessed some divine voices who chanted the #LalithaSahasranama along with some great #DeviStutis 

The chanting began on the auspicious day of the Ekadashi and culminated on the auspicious occasion of the #ShankaraJayanti where we listened to some beautiful KRtis by #AdiShankaracharya

Thanks to all the people who were involved in this noble cause. I am happy to be part of this initiative. There was so much positivity every day. I hope the positivity in all of us stays forever to make these kinds of programs in the future as well.